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Looking for a place to purchase the Nano novel? This page contains links to booksellers in the United States, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere—along with information on signed copies (including instructions on obtaining the author's signature on copies already purchased).

U.S. Online Booksellers

Barnes & Noble

Nanotechnology Now Bookstore

Nanotechnology Now Bookstore: Fiction, nonfiction, and free online books dealing with nanotech—all on this page.

EthicsWeb Bookstore Nanotechnology Page

EthicsWeb Bookstore: The nanotech page of what is probably the largest ethics-related bookstore on the planet. Fiction and nonfiction books dealing with nanotechnology. EthicsWeb Bookstore Main Page.

International Online Booksellers
Canada's Nano page
United Kingdom Nano
Japan's Nano page
Germany/Austria's/.at's Nano page
France's Nano page

Links to brick-and-mortar bookstores
and independent bookstores
will be added soon.

M is for Mystery bookstore M is for Mystery: Mystery, Crime, and Detective Fiction for All Ages. One of the largest mystery specialty bookstores in the U.S. (San Mateo, CA; right next door to San Francisco).

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