A selection of useful links for screenwriters. Updated frequently.

Go Into The Story
Screenwriter Scott Myers' blog on "screenwriting, movies, Hollywood, and the creative life"

The Inside Pitch blog
Chris Lockhart's blog (ended in April of 2007, but still available online)

Two Adverbs
Chris Lockhart's website contains a wealth of information for screenwriters.

Huge site packed with helpful advice and stories from Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, the most successful screenwriting team in history.

Outstanding source of free online screenplays.

Daily Script
“Movie Scripts and Movie Screenplays in proper screen writing format. The Ultimate Screenwriters Resource.”

Coming Soon movie page
Simple listing of theatrical release dates, current year forward.

Video ETA
Want to know when a movie is coming out on DVD? This is the place.

Box Office Mojo
The place for free box office information.

Worldwide Boxoffice.com
An interesting site which claims to have grosses on most films from 1899 to the present. The front page lists the top-grossers of all time.

All-Time Worldwide Box Office (IMDb)
IMDb's list of the biggest-grossing films of all time (worldwide)—those grossing over $200 million. There are currently 344 films on the list.

All-Time Worldwide Box Office Grosses (Box Office Mojo)
Box Office Mojo's list of films whose worldwide grosses exceed $200 million. There are currently 358 films on the list. Obviously, this is an imprecise science.

Life on the Bubble
Notes on the spec script market and the entertainment industry in general by manager/producer Jason Scoggins..

Done Deal Pro
This site tracks Hollywood script, book, treatment, and pitch sales and options. Some info is free; most isn't. A yearly subscription runs $23.95. Check their about us page for more info.

Trailer Addict
Excellent source for trailers.

Apple Movie Trailers
Another great source of online trailers.

The Edtorial Department
A reputable company whose services range from loglines and pitch sheets to development, doctoring, adapatations—even ghostwriting. Also handles book manuscripts.

Internet Movie Database
The most comprehensive source of free film info online; credits and much, much more.

Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood
Want to read what Hollywood's reading? Nikki Finke's blog is the place to be.

Good source of basic information on a variety of topics from entertainment and intellectual property attorney Ivan Hoffman.

The personal website of entertainment and intellectual property attorney Jodi L. Sax. Some good information here, though you may have to browse a while.

Mark Litwak's Entertainment Law Resources
Good source of basic information on a variety of topics from entertainment attorney and author Mark Litwak, a prominent name in the independent film world.

Copyright Basics
U.S. Copyright Office Circular 1, in .pdf format. If any government circular can be considered a classic, this is it. THe first stop for anyone new to copyright.

Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright
Copyright FAQ from the U.S. Copyright Office. Must reading for any questions not answered by Circular 1 (above).

Lawgirl's Copyright Basics
Just what the name implies; basic info on copyright from "Lawgirl"—aka attorney Jodi L. Sax.

What Is Copyright Protection?
Nonprofit website with basic information on copyright protection.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Official website.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Official website.

Writers Guild of America, west
Sooner or later—if all goes well—you'll be a member.

Writers Guild of America, east
Ditto for those back east.

For American-based writers, absolutely nothing takes the place of registration with the U.S. Copyright Office. Anyone can register their work; the instructions are simple, and no lawyer is required.

U.S. Copyright Office
Information about online and snail-mail registration of intellectual property. If you want bulletproof protection worldwide, this is the ticket.

WGAw Registration Page
Online registration, and information about mail-in registration. Note that Guild registration doesn't come close to the level of protection afforded by copyright registration.

WGAe Registration Page
Registration page of the WGAe. Note that Guild registration doesn't come close to the level of protection afforded by copyright registration.

Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
The single most prestigious—and therefore toughest—screenwriting competition on earth. Sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Deadline May 1.

Double-Cross at the WGA
Depressing LA Weekly article by Dennis McDougal, co-author of Fatal Subtraction.

Real advice from working professionals on the art, craft, and business of screenwriting

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