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A South African bed and breakfast.
(A South African bed and breakfast)

A few photos taken during a recent trip to South Africa...

African elephant family heads for waterhole.

A family of African elephants trundles toward a waterhole. [Addo National Park]

Giraffe nibbling high leaves.

An older giraffe (the fur darkens with age) dining on high leaves. [Kruger National Park]

Baby gecko in camp.

A baby gecko liberated from my camp hut. [Kruger]

Cannibal snail.

A cannibal snail, so-called because it dines on its smaller brethren. (This particular cannibal snail was about eight inches long.)

Giraffe herd.

A herd of giraffes on the move, keeping lookout in all directions. [Kruger]

Young and baby baboon.

A young and baby baboon. [Kruger]

Warthog mom with kids.

A warthog mother keeps close watch over two babies. [Kruger]

Spotted hyena mother with pup.

A spotted hyena mother with pup by the roadside. [Kruger]

Lioness watching photographer.

A lioness taking it easy. [Kruger]

Buffalo chewing the cud.

A herd of buffalo grazing. [Kruger]

Elephant mudfun.

Elephants enjoy a mudbath. [Addo]


An impala buck poses for the camera. [Kruger]

Southern yellowed hornbill in camp.

A southern yellowed hornbill who stopped by camp around dinnertime. [Kruger]

Elephant tells photographer to bugger off.

This large bull elephant thought I was a bit too close—and is letting me know. [Kruger]


A female waterbuck, with male keeping watch at rear left (and a third waterbuck in brush to right). [Kruger]

Burchelle's zebra.

A Burchelle's zebra who thought she heard a photographer. [Kruger]

Warthog ponders charging photographer.

A male warthog ponders a charge. [Kruger]

Blue wildebeest herd.

A herd of blue wildebeest. [Kruger]


An owl (probably a grey form African Scoops owl) perched above camp after dinner. [Kruger]

Vervet monkeys.

A family of vervet monkeys hanging out. (Note the infant clinging to the lowest monkey's belly.) [Kruger]

Bird of prey.

An unidentified bird of prey in flight. (Possibly a harrier.) [Kruger]

Beware of lions.

As this sign attests, issues of liability are viewed somewhat differently in Africa... [Kruger]

NOTES: All photos taken in December 2004 with the relatively inexpensive Fuji FinePix 2600Z (digital; 2.0 megapixels; 3x optical zoom). A good rainy season accounts for the generally fat-and-happy animals, lush bush, and many babies seen on this trip. The bed and breakfast is in Ladybrand; the cannibal snail in a bed and breakfast garden in Nelspruit. More photos will be added later.

—John Robert Marlow

All photos copyright by John Robert Marlow;
all rights reserved.

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